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Self-directed and self-funded residency currently operating by invitation only.

In keeping with the name of our organization, Skálar invites artists year-round whose practice includes a significant focus on working with sound and experimental music for process-based residencies. The residency provides a opportunity for retreat from urban life, encouraging artistic experimentation in an stunning landscape where the hillsides, mountains, and fjord are very present. Artists work independently to gain inspiration as well as a strong relationship to the mutable environment, and to develop ideas and practices without the expectation of a completed project at the end of the residency. Many artists have come to write music, to do audio visual field recording, to research specific natural phenomena, or otherwise sonically engage with the reality of rural Iceland.

We are located in the small town of Seyðisfjörður, East Iceland, a bohemian village of approximately 600 people. The town is nestled at the mouth of a long deep fjord framed by steep mountains, just shy of the Arctic circle in a unique setting that at times can feel as well as be quite isolated due to weather conditions and the shifts in light from summer to winter. Winters in coastal Iceland do not tend to be as cold as other places located at equivalent latitudes, but the weather can be stormy all year round, with snow, sleet, or rain and fog, and intense winds that make travel in and out of Seyðisfjörður challenging, particularly as the only paved route out goes over a high mountain pass that is treacherous enough to be closed some days of the year. Seyðisfjörður is also the port of call for the only weekly ferry connection between Denmark and Iceland, and home to several other artist-run centers, and the Technical Museum of East Iceland. For these reasons, the town feels both remote and connected, and is a special place to experience the intensity and beauty of the volatile northern landscape. Residents are highly encouraged to stay for more than a month, in order to deepen their experience of the place and its tempo.

Our residency is a cosy house by the river near the mouth of the fjord, suitable for one or two individuals or a couple (the house can also accommodate children).  The main room is an open kitchen and workspace with basic sound equipment set up, with view over the garden and river. Above is a mezzanine with a double bed, and a second room which can be used as an additional workspace or bedroom with two single beds. The bathroom includes bathtub/shower and small washing machine. There is also an additional room facing the river which is painted white and left empty for use as either atelier or gallery and presentation space.

Previous exhibitions at HOF
16.07.2015 Open Studio with Soundplay A-I-R 2015 | Łaźnia Centre for Contemporary Art artists in residence Dorota Walentynowicz | Krzysztof Topolski | Gerard Lebik. Project supported by a grant from Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants and co-financed by the Polish funds.

11.02.-28.02.2013 | Zdenka Brungot Svíteková (sk) | Neath
03.10.-31.10.2012 | Thomas Köner (de) |  La Barca
02.09-02.10.2012 | Tumi Magnússon (is) | 4Times to the Shop
23.08-01.09.2012 | Dr. Döring (de) |  Extract of the Complete Works – no.2